New York City Shine On

by Jay Cobb Anderson

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Watch the video produced by Macguffin Productions

Filmed in New York City over the course of three days.


You oughta see, that New York City,
ya roll in at night, see them bright lights shine.
The moonlights swimmin in the Hudson,
With the garbage and the ghosts all drunk on wine.
I'm gonna take a bite of that ol big apple,
Where thy don't let one bad one, spoil the whole bunch more. And people take you in, but they don't care when your gone, New York City, shine on.

The devils got a hopin joint in Brooklyn,
Where the rich folks and the poor folks waste their time,
And god has got a motel in manhattan,
Where he stares out of his tower just drinkin wine,
I thought that I saw Jesus on the sidewalk,
He's a walkin round just askin folks for change,
And people take a minute, but they don't have very long,
New York City shine on

And when the rain comes, pourin down, the rats and the weasels they make their way underground, as all that liquor starts mixin in the puddles, just to wash away your memories with your cash

I'm drivin out, of that concrete jungle, with an achin head, you just tip your hat,
Drivin into sunny West Virginia, where ya wave at folks and folks'll wave right back
So au revoir ol New York City, we'll meet again someday I know for sure
And I'd love to stick around, but I gotta ramble on, New York City, shine on.


released September 9, 2015
Guitar and vocals by Jay Cobb Anderson
Engineered and recorded by Dave O'Dell at Coyote Studios
Mastered by Justin Phelps at St. Frank



all rights reserved


Jay Cobb Anderson Portland, Oregon

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